Responses to One Harmony
a sound playground, a spa for the soul

October 2012  Dr. James Hopkins  Chiropracter, sound healing practitioner
Utterly and completely astonishing on all levels.  I don’t quite know where to begin with words. Absolutely off the charts. What you have invented here is the future of healing, the future of sound. It’s incredible what comes out of these remarkable tools. There were moments when I couldn’t believe; it goes beyond hearing. You just drop consciousness and come into these new waveforms. The SoundStone is a  multi-dimensional  tool.  It’s paradigm shifting. You go beyond trying to figure it out or understand.  The whole thing was just mind blowing, what you are doing is an incredible service to mankind. You give people a chance to drop their bodies, drop the old ways, their familiar patterns and behaviors; it’s a form of Hari Kari, without pain or suffering or fear. To me it’s the future of healing, no question.

July 2013  Dr. Catherine Birch Storey  D.O.M. Dr. of Oriental Medicine. M.A. Lic. Ac.
(SoundStone Session)
Dr.-Story“Feeling the ancient tones of the Stones move through me made me feel expanded and grounded all at once.  All of my senses became move vivid.  I could tell I was getting washed and smoothed.  Healing with sound is the deepest and most luxurious of all the modalities i have experienced. The SoundStones are grandfathers. “


January 2013  Mary Gaetjens – professional photographer, breathwork practitioner
It felt like you were playing my bones. There was no difference between the atoms of the stone and the atoms of my bones. The experience reminded me of what neurologist Jill Bolte Taylor said in her TED talk about what happened to her when she had her stroke.  For me it was like my left temporal lobe wanted to be asleep (where we judge and plan), and the right temporal lobe was like “this is where I live”, where thoughts disappear and you become one with everything. It was phenomenal.  The sound itself I associated with something otherworldly, but it also got very grounded, like the sound of depth, of the infinite void.  There were many times when my whole spine was vibrating. Amazing. I loved it.

Rory McAntee–school teacher, meditator
What you have here is something really special.  My enitre body was vibrating. The whole of the experience was like Dante‘s Divine Comedy. I went through human evolution. I was traveling to all these different realms; angelic then undeground, like an evolutionary string of creation.


S.T.  – Los Angeles Actress (requested anonymity)
I  have had just the worst month so far, and with this sound session it’s like I’ve have 10 massages and 20 counseling sessions combined.
I felt empowered again, like I could do anything. When the table started moving I felt like I was on a boat out in the ocean with whales and I was getting cleansed.  It felt like all the stuff was spun out like in a subtrefuge, and what was left was just my essence.
Days later:   I was doing an audition with a film director and producer and it felt very different than previously.  Like I was in my essence.  Able to speak so clearly from a place deep inside me.

March 2013 Chloe Park, Yoga teacher, Cranial Sacral therapist
This is what my body has been craving ever since I left living in Bali. At one point I felt like I was a pure sound wave. My body dissolved and I became just energy. I went through some involuntary shaking which felt like my nervous system resetting. I got an inner wash. And then I went unconscious at the end.


February 2013  Dorrina Erra – writer, dancer, student   SoundStone Bodywork session
Wow.  Thank you. That was so amazing. It was as if I was a ghost, traveling through time and space, through the corridors of memories and images, pushing beyond intellect and into experience.  At times the vibration felt like circular cones of sonar waves piercing through my body.  It would shoot up through my feet and then into my head.  It was like nothingI have ever heard or experienced before. I could have stayed lying there for 6 hours. I feel it’s essential for all people, especially patients with mental disorders or maladies of all kinds. It takes you out of the human perception and yet grounds you into your body.

March 2013 Fabiano Nasciemento  – guitarist, performer
I barely had any body left. It was this warm kind of sensation – it just flooded me. Never experienced anything like this before. It was prolonged, sustained, orange red in color.  My breath got so delicious and deep, and I felt my heart relaxing. And there was this pure kind of emotion that came up, nothing In particular, just welling up almost into a cry.

There were vibrations from the SoundStone that pierced  through and went into my colon.  It was like the power of earth moving, it wasn’t something to be afraid of.  Like an unstoppable natural force.  As a musician this will help me understand how to lose myself into the vibration more when I play.

February 2013  Stacie Amon
  music therapist
As a music therapist I have come across some pretty clever practitioners, with some cool instruments. But, by far, I a’int seen or felt nothing like this before!  I could not wrap my mind around how the table and my body was vibrating during the SoundStone.  It was like an earthquake. The Voice Cathedral was a bonding, an attunement with our voices together.

Scientific and intriguing, futuristic and ancient, far out yet familiar. Just a few words to describe Alan Tower’s Sound Experience. His grand vision of a world where sound and vibration are validated and celebrated healing agents is a world I wouldn’t mind living in.

October 2012  Kim Hix  Film Industry Art Director, Set Designer
The access of symmetry was phenomenal. I have never slushed around in my own body as I did with these vehicles of sound.  It’s the tidal surge of the universe itself. Exquisite. The whole thing was sub oceanic. I was just below the surface where everything reflects, and I could touch and send out these interlocking rings of hydrogen and oxygen, it was just breathtaking. I am above my pain at this point, when I  came I was below it. Thankyou, thankyou, brilliant.

Anurga Gupta – business consultant, The Difference Engine
I had the most amazing sleep afterwards, completely quiet and peaceful mind. All my body top to bottom felt strong with a good physical feeling.
: Success! A guy who makes his living engaging individuals and groups in powerful conversations for transformation, left speechless.


Winter 2012   Ken Buckowski – sound designer/engineer
It’s big and different and what we need in our world today. It was an experience like I have never had before, and connected me with so many things. On the table with the SoundStone was like nothing I could ever imagine.  I thought it was swaying at least 6 feet either way, the rocking was amazing.

The first station, I was mesmorized, it sounded like I was in the middle of an orchestra, the chords and all the mulitplicity, the harmonics, incredible. There were certain frequencies so centering.  The whole experience felt like a prayer. A number of important people from the past came in and were present in the room.

Angela Guadalupe   High school Theology Teacher
It felt like this was a piece of heaven. This was not of this world. It was a transcendant place.  I am just amazed I was here.  It’s like a spa for the soul.



Christian Murray – college student, 20 something
I was floating the whole time. . . thinking of skydiving or being in outer space.  It was like the feeling of those things, not actually doing them, they werent necessarily safe, but I wasn’t worred about the outcome. After it stopped I didn’t realize it was over I was so deep inside.


S.V. – Retreat leader, businessman
Wow, it’s intense.  What a pure sonic experience. Thanks so much for the beautiful and tremendously peaceful experience in your healing sounds.



Allaudin Matthieu  Author, music teacher
Your One Harmony Healing work is getting close to the marrow.